I empower ambitious spiritually centred women who are feeling lost & unsatisfied, to confidently take control of their mind, relationships, work and life to experience the clarity, success and happiness they are worthy of.

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We are all delivered into this world perfect for purpose.

Are you ready to dive in and embrace yours?

Am I lost Toni?

Let me ask, do any (or all) of the following sound familiar:

  • Unsatisfied in your relationship(s)?

  • Feeling wasted in your day job?

  • Always serving others, putting others wants and needs before your own?

  • Overthinking, about everything?

  • Endlessly longing to ‘get away’/go on holiday/escape?

  • Regularly overindulging in alcohol, food, TV & Technology for no good reason?

  • Can't find anything to wear? Make-up won't look right? Don't want to go out?

  • Not able to relax as there is always something you 'should' be doing?

  • Wishing you knew what to do with your life?

  • Not feeling good 'enough'?

YES Toni! Can you help me?


I believe you found your way here as you are searching for a way to change your stars and start living the life of fulfilment you were destined to. 

And if you are truly ready to step outside of your comfort zone, LET GO of that which no longer serves you, make some new decisions, dig deep and discover the real, glorious unlimited you, then I’m ready willing and able to empower you to change your reality.

I help women at the relative 'turning point' of their lives who know there is intrinsically know they deserve more from life but are struggling to find it by themselves. Unable to find it through books, courses or their existing friend network.

Women who don't want to turn to Doctors or pills or waiting lists. Women who are ready to let go of the belief that someone somewhere will wave a magic wand for them and everything will change overnight.

Women who are ready to cut through the apron strings of limiting beliefs and decisions that have kept them bound to a spiral of self-doubt and discover what it is to feel empowered and know their own voice, put themselves first, be purpose driven, create a loving relationship with themselves and ultimately, be happy.

How can you help me Toni?

By taking you on a journey of self-discovery, giving you the strength to take off your mask, bust through the beliefs that have held you in the past and holding your hand as you gain momentum toward the future that serves YOU.

I will help educate and empower you to have the clarity, confidence and control of the steps toward the life you were born to lead.

Using a combination of Mindset Coaching Tools (NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis & more), gifted intuition and an innate ability to hear what you don’t say, we shine a light on precisely where you are now, discover where you want to be and what it is that’s been holding you back.


Utilising my 6 step 'Discovery to Delight' framework we axe through the layers of limiting beliefs, decisions and behaviours that no longer serve you and replace them with a supportive framework of beliefs, habits and strategies that serve the glorious and abundant human being you were destined to be. We discover the hopes, goals, dreams and values buried deep inside you, dust them off and breathe life into them, creating realistic and exciting action plans of how to achieve them.

Delivering you to a place where you are equipped with a golden compass to be in control of your mind, your emotions and your state, resulting in a world where what you think, say and do are in perfect harmony and alignment.

  • No more saying yes when you want to say no.

  • No more groundhog days of dissatisfaction.

  • No more 'needing' to take a break from your life.

Why you Toni?

I have been where you are and I spent 15 years there waiting for someone to come and wave a magic wand and fix my life. Praying for a lottery win. I was stuck much longer than I needed to due to my inherent limiting belief that asking for help was a sign of weakness and that I 'should' be able to do it alone.
The result? Learning a gargantuan amount of valuable life lessons, the long hard and sometimes painful way.


Through suffering, self-discovery, self-development, superb training and faith that where there is a will there is a way, I can easily help you shortcut the journey to living each day fulfilled, confident and in complete control of your mind and the life you lead. 

Not only do I have endless enthusiasm, gifted intuition, massive faith and a super tank of wisdom, experience and passion, I am also a Certified Mindset Coach, NLP, Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy Practitioner. I am also a healer. 

Why Now Toni, if I just wait a little longer things might change..?

'One day' things might change for you. But, the only person that has the power to change them, is you. So if you are busy waiting for someone else to come along and wave that magic wand, I can assure you, you'll be waiting a while. 

But why wait? You have a choice! And there is no better time than right NOW to stop:

  • Believing there is no way of changing your life

  • Living in the past

  • Serving everyone else before yourself

  • Being limited by old and outdated beliefs and choices

  • Being frozen by fear of hurting others

  • Feeling lonely and unloved

  • Seeing the worst in everything

If you absolutely CANNOT and WILL NOT live a moment longer waiting for 'that day' to come and make everything better, choose NOW to make contact with me, take control of your mind and your life, and make 'that day' - TODAY!

What Now Toni?

Download my free worksheet HERE to establish if you have already found your purpose and might not need me!

Schedule a call with me HERE so we can discuss whether one of my coaching programmes may be the recipe book you've been missing.

Watch some of my introductory videos HERE explaining a little more about how mastering your mindset is the key to your happy.

Check out my coaching programmes HERE for more information.

Or alternatively, pick up the phone, right now and just call me on 07717 533305.


Who am I?

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I am enlightened, fulfilled, happy, full of energy and life, living it my way and having enormous fun in the process. I am grateful for everything I have in this world. I am making a difference.

I live a life where I am in control of how I spend my time, I travel the world meeting new people, hearing their stories and eating new and delicious food. I want for every woman alive to discover the blissful state that I have, where what I say, do and think are all in complete alignment and I am free to BE, ME!

My name is Toni Milliken aka 'The Freckled Ninja' or 'Little Miss Sunshine'.

Solution finder. Eternal optimist. Root cause illuminator. Empowerer. 

I love spending weekends walking and exploring new villages and towns around the UK, and my favourite place to be is by the sea.

I absolutely love listening and dancing to music (loud)!

My husband Jamie and I are soon to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary.

I am a huge lover of animals, especially horses, sheep, cats and dogs (we are currently the keeper of Moose, Sherman and Lucy our beloved furry companions).

I was born to serve others, but in order to do that effectively and enjoy every minute of it, I undertook the biggest learning curve of my life and learnt to serve myself first. Since then, my mind, my body and my life have changed exponentially for the better.

My Story.....

Coming soon!





“Toni helped me at a time in my life where I knew what I wanted but was stumbling around getting there. Through her positive and sensible demeanour, she was able to quickly break down the real problems I was trying to solve.


We came up with a plan for me to achieve my goals and within a week I was on my way to a better life knowing I had her constant support. Toni is incredible to work with and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity. If you have any doubts, don’t! She’s the friend you always needed and she gets you where you need to go!”

— Megan, UK

Coaching Programmes


"I need help making an important decision or change right now today!!


I want to leave my partner!! But should I??

Do I buy the house??

I want to quit my job!! But should I?

Do I take the promotion rather than leave?

Do I invest in ANOTHER online course

to help me get to my goal??

Before you make your next move, let me help you;


- get crystal clear clarity on what the actual elusive decision you are looking to make is

- enlighten you as to the actions required to create the change you desire

- empower you to make real change

- define a simple action plan of next steps

During a 90 minute online coaching session, let me shine a light on the real situation at hand and illuminate the path ahead toward your happy.


"I m not happy at home or at work, I don't know who I am or what I want anymore, I'm going around in circles and I need help"


Is it your partner?

Is it your job?

Is it your weight?

Is it your lack of purpose?

Or all of the above?

Before you make any rash decisions which may lengthen your journey to enlightenment, let me help you;

- get crystal clear clarity on the obstacles preventing you from living the life you dream of

- unleash your self-confidence, your passion and your purpose in life

- feel empowered to take control of your mind to support and embrace the authentic you

- discover your strength within to make change with ease

- understand the work you were put on this earth to do

During a one2one 12 week online coaching programme, I will empower you to discover who you are, what you want and take the first steps toward your life of happy.

Want to talk?

If you'd like to  hear my voice in advance of making a booking to ensure we are a perfect fit, schedule a short call with me here and let's make it happen. 

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