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Join the avalanche of people who are regaining their freedom and confidence to love the life they live right now!

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"The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step"


I enlighten those who have achieved all their significant wants in life but misplaced their joy somewhere along the way. Those who have lost their confidence and identity due to a lifetime of putting others wants and needs first.

Those who despite having a seemingly 'perfect' life, feel guilty at being unhappy in it and are longing to take back control of the direction of their life and find connection again.

Unfulfilled mentally, emotionally and spiritually you are ready to get started on the journey of unleashing the joy of who you were born to be.

Direction Compass

"Before I met Toni my life was empty, I felt lost and I didn’t have a clue what made me happy [...] My life has changed not just a little bit, its changed massively, I’m at peace [...] I love and accept me because of Toni's help and guidance [...] she helped shape a future where I see life as beautiful and happy [...]" - Nick


Does this sound like you?

  • Stuck in a rut? Constantly under stress / overwhelm?

  • Lost your self-confidence?

  • Have a 'good life' but feel guilty at not feeling 'fulfilled' in it?

  • Feel like you are not utilising your full potential?

  • Keeping your thoughts, wants and needs to yourself?

  • Short tempered and irritable?

  • Feel like you have to control/drive everything?
  • Your partner is starting to repel you?

  • Longing for connection with something or someone?

  • Feel like you can't talk to anyone about your issues?

  • You want to run away to the top of a mountain alone?

Can you help me? 

Yes! Provided that you are truly ready to:

  • Stop making excuses and looking for the next magic pill

  • Commit to the journey of evolutionary change in your mindset

  • Learn from and let go of your outdated model of the world

  • Get connected to the authentic, carefree, fun filled you!

But how?

By undertaking my signature 5 Steps to H.A.P.P.Y. programme

where in less time than it takes to grow a potato I can help you

rewire your mindset, get connected to who you truly are

and love the life you live with unshakeable belief in your own self worth.

Using a combination of mindset coaching tools, God gifted intuition and an innate ability to hear what you don’t say, we turn on the lights to precisely where you are now, where you want to be and discover all the obstacles that have been holding you back until now.

We axe through the layers of limiting beliefs, stories, decisions and behaviours that no longer serve you and replace them with a supportive framework of beliefs, habits and strategies that serve the glorious and abundant human being you were destined to be.

Why me?

I've been where you are. I spent more years than I needed to waiting

for 'one day' to be happy with my life. Longing for a lottery win. 

The person responsible for the enjoyment of your life is YOU and I can

help you shortcut the voyage of discovery to living your best life.  


I learnt the long and hard way, so you don't have to!

What happens if I do nothing?

If you choose to continue exactly as you are:

  • Nothing will ever change and you'll likely make mistakes and end up with regret.

  • You'll still be resentful, people pleasing and sacrificing your own wants and needs for others having lived an unfulfilling existence.

  • Your health will suffer, your willpower will disappear, you'll likely be on a path to depression (if you're not there already).

Just how long are you willing to wait in putting off the inevitable decision to take control of your life?!?



What will change if I work with you?

Providing you have a healthy amount of commitment in your tank, I can help you:

  • Find your unending supply of self belief

  • Bring alignment between what you say, think and do - no more masks

  • Make choices and decisions about your daily work/life and future with confidence

  • Reconnect with your family, friends and colleagues, perhaps leave/meet a partner

  • Feel happy, free and content in your own skin

  • Find clarity on what the next chapter of your life looks like

  • Enjoy a peaceful mind


How can you work with me?

Get started with an introductory breakthrough call HERE so we can get your self-belief fired up again and see whether you're ready to embark on the most evolutionary journey of your life!


Here we can also discover whether you feel my signature programme is the best fit for you, or whether you just need a couple of sessions to help you with a current challenge.

Snatch a taster of the 5 Steps to H.A.P.P.Y. signature programme by downloading my 5 Steps to Discovering Ultimate Happiness HERE  where I pray you have an ah-ha moment and ultimately won't need me!

Or alternatively, pick up the phone the old fashioned way right now and just call me on

07717 533305, I don't bite.

What is the process of H.A.P.P.Y.?

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Organic Potatoes
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Hugging by the Beach
Picnic in Garden
Fun in the Pool


Step one

We have a call to establish whether you are ready for help by identifying the obstacles that have been preventing your progress.


Step Two

I get to know you and what your model of the world looks like today.

What's serving you and what isn't.


Step Three

We discover your true wants and needs and sow the seeds of belief in a future that is better aligned with who you are.


Step Four


We undertake the digging, pruning, weeding and re-generation of the mindset garden, uprooting everything out of place we have discovered.


Step Five


We celebrate the evolution of your mindset that has allowed you to take confident control of the magnificent authentic you!







About me!

mimi and tara.jpg

My name is Toni Milliken aka 'The Freckled Ninja' or 'Little Miss Sunshine'.

What makes me different? 

That I have done (extensively) ALL the work that I teach. Also my un-ending energy, sunshine and enthusiasm for life, oh and my ability to hear what you don't, can't (or won't) say.

What do I stand for; freedom, authenticity, truth and inner harmony.

In 2014 my ideal client was me. Married, successful, lovely home, in a seemingly ideal life, but I wasn’t happy. I didn’t like my reflection, I didn't know what I wanted or who I wanted it with.

Having turned down anti-depressants multiple times, I chose meditation over medication.

I’d been going around in circles for yeeeears, until the day I got over myself and asked for help.

I wish I had known sooner what a coach can really do for you. Have you ever heard the expression 'nothing is as invisible as the obvious'? 

You see you already have the answers, you just have yet to be asked the right questions.

That's where I come in. Permit me to illuminate your journey so you can shortcut all the years I spent going in circles thinking it was everyone else that was the problem!

What I love? Spending weekends walking in the wilderness and my favourite place to be is by the sea. I absolutely love listening and dancing to music (loud)!

My husband Jamie and I will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary this year. We got married in Dan-Yr-Ogof Showcaves in Wales! 

I am a huge lover of animals, especially horses, sheep, cats and dogs (we are currently the keeper of Moose, Sherman and Lucy our beloved furry companions).

I am a born again Christian and I was born to serve and encourage others, but in order to do that effectively and enjoy every minute of it, I undertook the biggest learning curve of my life and learnt to serve myself first. I had to learn how to be, me.





Before I met Toni my life was empty, I felt lost and I didn’t have a clue what made me happy, I didn’t like myself let alone love myself, I knew I wasn’t happy, but I didn’t know how I could change that.


I by chance saw a tik tok video of Toni talking about the things I was going through and that she could help [...] After a zoom consultation I very quickly realised there could be something amazing ahead, so I decided to work with Toni and our working partnership began. [...] 


It wasn’t long before I could see the changes in me and also feel myself changing, from an overthinkers point of view calm was restored through meditation and sticking to the programme.


My life has changed not just a little bit, its changed massively, I’m at peace, my issues with my past are that the past. Toni re-introduced me to someone who I never thought I’d see again a happy me, still the caring person I’ve always been but now I’m able to decide who I help and who I don’t and that makes me happy, as I won’t allow anyone to take advantage of my good kind nature again.


I love and accept me because of Toni's help and guidance [...] even when things go wrong which they will always do, I’m now equipped to deal with that when it does. If you want to re-find you, learn to love yourself, learn to realise you are an amazing person and always have been but have lost your way, put your trust in Toni and she will guide you to the beautiful happy future you so rightly deserve.”

— Nick, UK

Signature Coaching Programme


5 Steps to H.A.P.P.Y.

 If you are ready to start taking consistent daily steps toward loving the life you live,

I can help you fast track that journey utilising my signature programme 5 Steps to H.A.P.P.Y.


  • Live 1:1 Coaching over 180 days.

  • World class coaching from a master illuminator of obstacles.

  • Full time support in-between sessions.


  • No plodding through videos/guides/reading material.

  • Have your eyes opened 'real'-time' to all of the outdated stories and beliefs you are living so they can be released.

  • Regular feedback as to how you are progressing through the evolutionary process.


  • Learn to love and be the real you

  • Master your mental and emotional state

  • Breathe with ease again

  • Develop unshakeable self confidence

  • Live and embrace life in the here and now

  • Make peace with and release your past

  • Activate your voice to ask for what you do and don't want

  • Lose negative, self-sabotaging thoughts

  • Create loving and intimate relationships

  • Excel at work that is fulfilling for your mind, body and soul

  • Increased motivation and excitement for living


  • Discover a unique inner compass that will steer you right in any situation

  • See the way forward in glorious technicolour

  • Ditch the strife and enjoy the every day rhythm of life!


  • Paid in-full upfront cost of £2499. 
    (Instalment options are available at an additional fee.)

    Make the decision to trust me on this journey and I will empower you to retrain your brain from self-sabotage to self-support and discover...

Who YOU are.

What YOU want.

Live YOUR best life.



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